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1. Workplace Activity Tracker and associated software is the sole property of Leicestershire and Rutland Sport (the Licensor) and is provided in association with Cuttlefish MultiMedia Ltd.
2. Leicestershire and Rutland Sport have provided a software licence to the company, agency or organisation (herein referred to as "the licensee") of this website to provide a Workplace Activity Tracker Service to its staff or users.
3. You agree to the use of this site for lawful purposes and in a manner which does not infringe the rights or restrict, or inhibit the use and enjoyment of this site by any third party.
4. The Challenge is open to people aged 16 or over who are employed at the licensees' workplaces.
5. By registering or by completing the registration form on the website, registrants confirm that they have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
6. Full use of the Workplace Activity Tracker Service requires that you create an account by providing us with information such as your full name and a valid email address, as well as a strong password. You are responsible for all activity that occurs in association with your account. Workplace Activity Tracker is not liable for any loss or damages caused by your failure to maintain the confidentiality of your account credentials. Please contact the licensees' lead contact if you discover or suspect any security breach related to the Workplace Activity Tracker Service or your account (https://www.workplacechallenge.org.uk/YOURCOMPANY/contact).
7. Full use of the Workplace Activity Tracker Service is dependent upon your use of a computer with adequate software and/or a supported mobile device and Internet access. The maintenance and security of this equipment may influence the performance of the Workplace Activity Tracker Service and it is your responsibility to ensure the equipment's functionality.

Your account

1. Registration is via the licensee’s website for this challenge.
2. Fees may be payable for your registration to this site and will be licensees discretion.
3. To register you must have approval from the licensee’s management to do so.

Participants’ health and safety

1. Before taking part in sport and physical activity participants should; Prepare and train properly for their activity, warm up and cool down properly before and after an event, seek medical advice if they have any doubts about their ability to take part in any activity, take particular care if they are undertaking intensive physical activity of a type, or at a level, which is new to them, always be aware of the safety of other participants, spectators and the general public.
2. Participants who are planning to become more physically active than they are now should complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (http://www.csep.ca/cmfiles/publications/parq/par-q.pdf) and if required seek medical advice before commencing an exercise programme.
3. All participants take part in the licensees challenge on this site do so at their own risk, and are voluntarily participating in these activities. All participants must ensure that the bicycles/ or any other sports equipment they ride/ use are in a roadworthy condition/ safe and must observe the rules of the Highway Code/ or meet recognised safety standards for the chosen sport/ activity. All participants must ensure that they follow good/ safe practice and wear relevant protective clothing for any sport or physical activity they choose to participate in.
4. The Workplace Activity Tracker Service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a medical or heart condition, consult your doctor before using the Workplace Activity Tracker Service. If you experience a medical emergency, stop using the Workplace Activity Tracker Service and consult with a medical professional. We are not responsible for any health problems that may result from training programs, consultations, products or events you learn about through the Workplace Activity Tracker Service.
5. Neither the licensor, the licensee or any sponsors or promoters or any other party connected to the licences accept responsibility for any incident, accident or injury sustained or property damaged in the course of anyone's participation in the Challenge or use of this site.

Activity Log

1. Participants will gain points for each of the activities logged on the website or app.
2. Only points scored/ activity logged during the specified challenge period will count for the licensees Challenge.
3. CSPN reserve the right to check the authenticity of points logged for the CSPN Workplace Activity Tracker.
4. Points cannot be logged for activity performed as part of your work i.e. a teacher cannot log PE lessons or a coach cannot include contracted coaching (only voluntary) unless agreed by the licensee.
5. Individuals must be employed by the licensee, unless otherwise agreed by the licensee to have their points assigned to the licensees challenge.
6. A valid activity for diary entry is defined as a participant who takes part in sport or physical activity and logs the activity on the licensees Challenge website.
7. A valid active travel trip is defined as a participant making a journey for transport purposes by means of physical activity e.g. walking, jogging, running or cycling. Active travel trips do not include use of motorcycles, motor scooters or stationary cycles.
8. Active travel trips and activity must occur within the licensees Challenge period to contribute to the participants and licensees results as part of this challenge.
9. Active travel trips and activity must be logged via the licensees challenge site. If activity and trips are not logged in this way, they cannot contribute to the organisation's results unless agreed by the licensee
10. Organisations and individuals may continue to log activity and utilise the site throughout the year, if the licensee allows, including the option to participate in other licensee challenges, Competition Programme and Business Games events.
11. Neither the licensor not the licensee shall not be held responsible for any late, incomplete, corrupted or incorrect registrations as a result of any software or hardware failure, postal delay or otherwise.

Data Protection Statement

1. Participants' information will be held by the licensee and licensor in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
2. Data collected may be used by the licensor for monitoring evaluation purposes.
3. Users can amend personal information stored on the licensees Challenge website and edit privacy settings and information displayed about them (on WPC and in search engines) in the privacy section which can be accessed by clicking on the 'profile', 'workplace' and 'privacy' buttons in the dashboard.
4. Participants may be invited to take part in the evaluation of the licensees Challenge to help demonstrate the impact of the project.
5. Participation information and other data provided by participants will be shared with the licensee.
6. If you are taking part in the licensees Challenge, your information may be used appropriately at the licensee’s discretion for promotion of the licensees challenge to the media.
7. By submitting the registration form you agree that the information provided on the form can be held by the licensee.

Workplace Activity Tracker's Rights

1. "Workplace Activity Tracker" includes any photos, images, graphics, data, text, exercise, software, and other information, content, or other materials that are posted, generated, provided, or otherwise made available through the Workplace Activty Tracker Service. Workplace Activity Tracker Content, the Workplace Activity Tracker Service, and its underlying technology are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual property, and other laws of the United Kingdom and foreign countries.
2. We reserve all rights expressly set forth in these Terms. You agree not to remove, change or obscure any copyright, trademark, service mark, or proprietary rights notices incorporated in or accompanying the Workplace Activity Tracker Service.
3. Our logos and any other Workplace Activity Tracker trademarks that may appear on the Workplace Activity Tracker Service, and the overall look and feel of the Workplace Activity Tracker Service, including the page headers, graphics, icons, and scripts, may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without our prior written permission.

Our enforcement Rights

1. We are not obligated to monitor access or use of the Workplace Activity Tracker Service or to review or edit your Workplace Activity Tracker content, but we have the right to so for the purpose of operating the Workplace Activity Tracker Service, to ensure compliance with these Terms, and to comply with the applicable law or other legal requirements. We may consult with and disclose unlawful conduct to law enforcement authorities and, pursuant to valid legal process, we may cooperate with law enforcement authorities to prosecute users who violate the law.
2. We reserve the right to remove of disable access to the Workplace Activity Tracker Service, any Workplace Activity Tracker Content, or Your Content at any time and without notice, and at our sole discretion, if we determine that the Workplace Activity Tracker Content, Your Content, or your use of the Workplace Activity Tracker Service is objectionable or in violation of these Terms. We have the right to investigate violations of these Terms and any conduct that affects the Workplace Activity Tracker Service, and un response may take any action we deem appropriate.

Third-party Services

1. The Workplace Activity Tracker Service may display or permit linking or other access to or use of third-party content, websites, apps, services and resources (collectively "Third-Party Services") that are not under Workplace Activity Tracker's control. This may include the opportunity for you to link you Workplace Activity Tracker account or Workplace Activity Tracker data with Third-Party Services. We provide these links only as a convenience and are not responsible for the products, services or other content that are available from Third-Party Service.
2. You acknowledge that any Third-Party Services that you use in connection with the Workplace Activity Tracker Service are not part of the Workplace Activity Tracker Service and are not controlled by Workplace Activity Tracker and you take sole responsibility and assume all risk arising from your interaction with or use of any Third-Party Services.
3. You also acknowledge that these Terms and the Workplace Activity Tracker Privacy Policy do not apply to any Third-Party Services.
4. You are responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions and privacy policy that applies to your use of any Third-Party Services.


1. We reserve the right to suspend or deactivate your account or your access to certain aspects or all the Workplace Activity Tracker Service, at any time without notice or liability to you. Upon any such suspension, deactivation, or termination, we may delete or remove your content and other information related to your account.
2. You may close your account at any time by going to (My dashboard > Account > Delete) or contacting the licensee lead officer.

Website disclaimer

The licensee reserves the right to modify the information contained on and functionality of this site at any time without notice. This site, all information and materials on it and all functionality are provided to you "as is" without warranty of any kind. The licensee is not liable for loss or damage of any kind due to inaccuracy, omission or error.

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