• Personalised Website

    Personalised Website

    Workplace Activity Tracker provides you with a website designed and branded for your company. You can advertise your workforce sport & physical activity challenges, completely controlled by you.

  • Newsletters


    Easily promote news, events and challenges using the built in newsletter creator. Select specific users or your entire workforce to promote your stories to.

  • eFlyers


    Add your company logo and personalised text to customisable e-flyers to promote your Workplace Activity Tracker.


  • Administrator Dashboard

    Administrator Dashboard

    View statistics on your workforce sport & physical activity habits. Track popular activities and participation levels in challenges.

  • Downloads


    Download formatted PDF reports that display participation and achievement of your organisation's departments, workplaces or whole company.

  • Go Green

    Go Green

    See how much C02 your staff save by recording 'active travel' such as cycling to work instead of driving. Your users can also see how much money they save in fuel costs!


  • Challenges


    Create your own challenges with your chosen duration, targets and activities. Such as "Cycle to Work Week" with the aim of achieving 8,000miles as a company in total.

  • Donate to Charity

    Donate to Charity

    Link your Challenges to a JustGiving account so staff can raise money for good causes whilst having fun competing.

  • Events


    Publish events and news stories to promote wider engagement activities to your staff such as scheduled lunchtime walks that can go towards their challenge points totals.