Encourage Workplace Wellness Today!

Workplace Activity Tracker can provide a personalised wellbeing platform to engage with your workforce.

You set the challenge, the duration and the targets!

Why Choose Workplace Activity Tracker

UK employees are estimated to spend 60% of their time in the workplace.

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Absenteeism from the workplace costs the UK economy £14 billion each year.

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The UK Government states that presenteeism costs the UK economy £15.1 billion per year.

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What is the Workplace Activity Tracker?

The Workplace Activity Tracker provides a portal where your workforce can share their sport and physical activity levels. Created by your organisation, users can enter into online 'challenges' to gain points, populate leaderboards, set personal goals and even raise money for charity. Workplace Activity Tracker is designed to offer something for everybody providing a variety of options, activities, and possible targets - including recording Co2 saved by walking or cycling instead of driving to work.

Embeddable Software

Workplace Activity Tracker can be added to your existing website! We also provide bespoke designed versions to suit your branding guidelines, whilst helping to promote your wellbeing strategy.

What our users are saying about us

  • Tristan Hale (Brookes Active Project Manager, Oxford Brookes University) said:

    The Workplace Activity Tracker has been a keystone in support to help our staff enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. Running a range of individual and team challenges throughout the year has helped us build our staff engagement and the site provides a platform to share news, events and activities.

  • Andrew Watson (Project Manager, County Sport Partnership Network) said:

    The excellent Workplace Activity Tracker system has enabled us to develop an evidence based approach to engaging businesses in sport and physical activity. The 'SportSuite Workplace Activity Tracker' uses the unique mix of the online WPAT technology and our own offline ground support from a network of County Sports Partnerships across England.